Keeley Delay Eddie Heinzelman Verb o Trem workstation

Reverb and tremolo guitar pedal effect gives players a simple and beautiful sounding way to end their pedal boards. Reverb and Tremolo often sound best at the end of your guitar rig, after effects like compression, fuzz or overdrive. Developed in collaboration with Eddie Heinzelman. Includes Keeley’s popular Spring Chamber and Plate reverb with 8 algorithms: 2 Spring, 3 Spring, Plate, Hall, Chamber, Room, Fugue, and Slapback. Tremolo with 8 vintage modes: Sine Wave, Square Wave, Harmonic, Dynamic Harmonic, Pitch Vibrato, Ramp Trem, Les’Rotary Speaker, U-Vibe.


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Features: True bypass, Tap Tempo function with footswitch. Controls for reverb: Level, Decay, Morph, Effect Blend and reverb footswitch. Controls for tremolo: Level, Rate, Depth, Morph and Mod footswitch. Inputs: 6,3 mm mono jack. 6,3 mm jack for TRS Tap and expression pedal. Outputs: 6,3 mm jack /mono and stereo/. Power supply: 9 V DC power supply – not included. Power consumption: 170 mA. Dimensions: 99 x 120 x 53 mm. Weight: 425 g. Colour: Gray


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